'Getting High' in the
Southern Alps

by Luca Manetti   09/06/2014

I did not like running at all. Ticino, the only Italian-speaking Swiss alpine region, is now my running paradise. Here mountains, valleys, plains, lakes, forests and rivers alternate offering endless opportunities for trail running.

After years of little physical activity, I started with some light runs during my lunch breaks, just as a way to clear my head, and within 2 or 3 weeks I was completely hooked on trail running!

My wife couldn’t understand why any normal person would jump out of bed at 6am and go running before doing anything else. I persuaded her to try and before long she too was hooked! Then it was the turn of some my colleagues, they couldn’t understand why I was always running while they were having lunch. ‘Just come with me..’ I said, for some this was enough to also get hooked on trail running!

In Ticino you can run the highest peaks (up to 3’400m) and see large birds of prey gracefully flying above you, the views are simply breath-taking. You can run along ridges or through forests, then run down to a lake or river for a well deserved swim!

I like the feeling of being the only one out on the trails, not having to share the time with anybody, except the cows and goats (we have a lot of those in Switzerland!).

For me I prefer to experience trail running in its purest and most extreme form, that is to run light, straightforward, simple and direct, no filters, just the essentials.

Less than an hour from Milan and well connected by the Swiss railway network the Ticino region is easy to get to, there’s also a great sense of community between the trail runners in the region.

Discover the Trails

+ - Satellite


Monti di Daro


7 km
809 m D+
809 m D-


Motto della Croce


15 km
1’091 m D+
1’092 m D-


Mte Bar-Gazzirola


24 km
1’750 m D+
1’729 m D-