We are


What are we doing?

Trailburning wants everyone to enjoy the world's trails.

Trailburning.com is dedicated to presenting and sharing the world's trails as a beautiful 'play back' experience. We think runners need a better way to discover new trails, but also to make their own trails. We are not completely focussed on trails just for runners, Trailburning is for everyone interested in trails – hikers, mountain bikers, skiers and walkers.

We are based in Berlin, which explains the image above, a part of the Berlin Wall that the team captured as a part of our own cycling trail.

Discover and share Trail Cards

Trail Cards are unique trail experiences.

We wanted to make it easy to discover trails so we created Trail Cards.

Each card is an individual trail that presents a unique trail experience created by our community or the Trailburning crew. A Trail Card links to a photographic story of a trailer's run (or hike, walk, etc) – we think it's the best way to visualise trail maps.

Trailburning members create Trail Cards and share their personalised trails. It's as simple as recording a trail with a GPS enabled device and capturing photos along the way – then Trailburning combines the trail map with your photographs and voilà, you have a trail to share!